Lights Out – Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Following in the footsteps of 2013’s Mama, Lights Out joins an ever growing list of feature films adapted from popular short films that quickly went viral.  Unfortunately, despite an intriguing premise and some creative monster design, the film struggles to find an interesting plot to tie it all together and the result is a story that never quite manages to… Read More Lights Out – Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Pete’s Dragon -Soaring to Great Heights

Disney’s original Pete’s Dragon, released back in 1977, was a light hearted if completely unremarkable film that over the years has faded into memory.  Entertaining and family friendly, the film had small amounts of whimsical charm but offered little else and as such was never considered a classic by any stretch of the imagination.  So when Disney announced they would be remaking the film… Read More Pete’s Dragon -Soaring to Great Heights

2016 Films – The Road to Recovery: Part 1

This summer’s blockbuster season has been, for the most part, a huge disappointment with many of its most highly anticipated films turning out to be shallow, lacking in creative energy and uninspired.  X-Men Apocalypse returned to the mutant vs human well and came up empty, resulting in a dull and instantly forgettable sequel.  The BFG, despite some nifty… Read More 2016 Films – The Road to Recovery: Part 1